Braw not looking correct

I’m doing a job with braw footage. I’ve downloaded a test file in case what was shot was a bit off. The test file is called filmplusgear-helicopter-ischgl-2019 A google for it will return the braw file.
I’ve loaded it in using From File. This uses all the native settings. When loading I import using BMD Film/Wide Gamut Gen5.
I’ve created a viewing rule
ACES 1.1 SDR-Video(REC709 limited)
BMD Film/WideGamut Gen 5
Rec 709 Video

it’s still blown out but limited to Rec 709. Looks terrible. Where am I wrong?

Unless I’m missing something, this is not an apples to apples comparison.

The author, here, has shot this footage and has completed “minor grading” and then posted the results of grading that footage to YouTube. Okay, cool.

Don’t forget, what ACES is doing is undoing all of the Blackmagic stuff that makes it look different to what was shot and how it looked to the naked eye on the day. As in, it’s just trying to show you what real world would look like if you were there looking at it. And, when I take this clip, Filmplusgear-Helicopter-Ischgl-2019, and bring it into Flame in an ACES 1.1 project, tag it is Camera / BMD Film/Wide Gamut Gen5, it looks about what I’d expect. It looks like how it did if I were to imagine myself there during that day.

Here is that clip, flat, log, which looks as expected.

And here is that clip using the default ACES 1.1 SDR, which, to me, looks as expected.

I can of course grade this shot beautifully if I put an image node before the Rec Input Transform.

Right? ACES isn’t a tone mapper. It’s kind of the inverse of a tone mapper. Its a tone UNDOER. Right?

I’m not 100% sure this is the same issue but I’ve recently had flame label BRAW as v4.0 when it should be v5.0.

Check the Format > Colour > Colour Science version on your clips.

I did From File which will use the color science that was originally used if I’m correct.

Randy I hear what you’re saying. When I do Alexa Rendering with Alexa, I get a perfect starting point. When I use ACES for RED using IP2 I get a very good starting point also. Both files look as shot, not log space. What’s the point of Colour Management if I can’t get the file to look as it was shot, not in a log space but appearing as it should right out of the can.

Yes this is the issue. On my footage if I use “From File” it labels it v4.0. I have to manually change to v5.0

Big difference yes. But still not where the starting image should be. Is it possible that Braw doesn’t play well with Flame’s Colour Management?

I downloaded this braw footage.

Viewing LUT:

With Colour Science set to v4 the whites are clipped:

Colour Science v5 looks acceptable as a starting place to color grade:

Thanks for the help.