Flame 2022 working with .braw

Hey all,

I have 2022.3.1 (woot!) and I’m conforming a spot that used Black Magic (URSA Mini Pro 4.6k G2). I need to convert to Rec709 and export EXRs. I’m pretty sure I need to use a LUT on export but I can’t figure out the right combination of tagging / transforms to get it to look right. Stranger still, they look flat in EXR format and correct in MOV format.

Anyone got any hints?


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Hey Wren! I had a similar situation some months ago and I think I wrote down the very specific recipe needed to make it work. Let me see if I can track it down.

I use ACES for BMRAW. Tag the .braw clip as BMD Film/WideGamut Gen5. In my case Working Space is ACEScg. View Transform is ACES 1.0 SDR Video. On export use LUT set to View Transform (From Source - From Rules - Rec709 video)

My first thought reading the title of this post;


I must be doing something wrong, or misunderstanding how these formats work. I did this

my image looks dark / muddy in the Flame viewport, and then upon export:
EXR: blown out
MOV: good

How do the EXRs look outside flame, without any color management? Remember that they are now Display Referred and not scene referred. So you may need to adjust the viewing rules for these to be interpreted as Rec709 and no scene linear.

Ingest Color Mngnt

Color Tag

View Transform

Export Settings

Resulting Rec709 EXR


AWESOME. Thank you! The color science was the difference. Mine was set to use V4.0 and when I changed to V5.0 it looked right.

My next question is regarding how they look in Preview on Mac vs in Flame. When I round trip them, EXR files look milky when viewed in Preview on Mac desktop but fine when I bring them into Flame. The .JPG looks slightly desaturated in the Preview on Mac desktop, but fine when I bring back into Flame.

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Don’t preview them anywhere but in Flame. Unless you want to go down a different rabbit hole and a different 40 minute forum thread/discussion.

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You may find luck using DJV set to use the latest ACES OCIO config

OCIO v1.2 should be safe
“Output - Rec709” should be pretty similar to Flame’s “Rec709 - Video”

… but since your resulting EXRs are Rec709, you may not even need OCIO.