Bug | BFX keyframes shifting to frame 1

Hi all,

I’m a junior at a post house. We’ve encountered a bug recently with Flame 2022.2, where BFX keyframes collapse to the very first frame of the comp. I’ve asked around several senior Flame freelancers, and everyone is aware of this bug (apparently it is quite common and was present in Flame a few years ago). However, when I emailed Autodesk support, they were unaware of the bug and couldn’t replicate it.

Details are:

  • When working in BFX
  • If we use a timewarp,
  • Slip a shot on a timeline level.
  • Or extend handles beyond the start of the BFX,
  • It shifts all keyframes inside the BFX to frame 1
  • This has been observed on 2022.1 and 2022.2 on both Linux and Mac

The main reason I am posting here is to see whether anyone else has experienced this, and can provide any more details to help Autodesk replicate it?

I also would encourage everyone to reach out to Autodesk yourselves if you’ve experienced this, so that hopefully the issue can be resolved next release!



Welcome Pat! Thanks for sharing. Whilst I haven’t seen that bug myself in a long time, I have heard of/seen that in the wild. Frustrating one for sure.

Thanks guys. Weird that most people haven’t seen it, since I spoke to 3 freelancers and all had experienced it in different setups. I guess we just hope Autodesk can look into it and it will vanish!

Hi Pat, You’re not alone. I experienced it last week in 2022.2 on Mac. I duplicated a BFX in a sequence and repo’d it on the timeline. After entering the BFX all key frames were rippled together at the first frame.

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I’ve seen this before, not for a while though and I can’t remember what steps led to it happening.
I’m working on a mac at home if that makes any difference.

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Roundabout solution: copy the segment to desktop, render it there and copy it to timeline back. Or copy your nodes and paste it to desktop batch and create bfx. This fixes the bug.

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I have a client that complains of this as well.

Thanks guys. Have reported to Autodesk and they were able to replicate the issue, so it’s gone to their dev team. Fingers crossed for Flame 2023!


I’m running 2022.3 and just encountered this fun little bug for the first time!

trying to create an animated graphic over the top of a timewarped clip and its doing crazy things - not squashing every keyframe to 1 frame but shoving the animations to -377 frames.

I’ve been hit by this bug today as well, just before a presentation which was horrible.
It seems to be slipping the keyframes back to the first frame of the timeline even though I’m in a BFX on the fourth segment. This puts them at frame -1254 for me.
Is this bug only affecting BFX in the timeline or does it happen in Batch as well I wonder?

i’m pretty sure when it happened to me, i was working on a track that had a timewarp - when i did the animation on a separate track, then the problem stopped.

This has been fixed in 2023.0.1


Oh man this bug just hit me today. Except in my scenario all my planar tracking data shifted -800 frames.

Good to hear it’s been fixed in 23…