Mac 2022.1 Loosing keyframe and slower performance

I have been on 2022.1 for a few months now. Everything has been going relatively smooth. It is definitely not as snappy as earlier version with random beach balls happening regularly for only a few secs while doing the simplest of task that really don’t warrant a beach ball (like navigating a timeline or importing a simple file). Still have 2020.3 and 2021.1.1 installed. 2020.3 doesn’t do it at all and 2021.1.1 does it a little bit but no where near as much as 2022.1

The dealbreaker has happened to me today!!

So after all this time today in two separate projects almost everytime (80%) I step into and out of a BFX (what I use on the timeline for simpler comps) I lose all my keyframes. It is driving me nuts!!

I can’t believe this is only just happening now after using 2022 for so long!! But it is just not usable. Going to do a fresh install over the weekend.

Has anyone else seen this??

Cheers, Chris

Hey @FlamingChris, not sure if it’s related but I had a similar issue of keyframes appearing to disappear when I exited bfx. I found them in the animation editor “miles” away from the start frame of the clip. I had lots of heads/tails. So take a look in the animation editor to see if the same thing has happened.

Thanks @johnag. Yes I should have been more descriptive the keyframes are still there but miles away and also the timings are messed up where two keyframes that were 20frames apart are now 1 frame apart. Delete the keyframes, reanimate. step back out of BFX and they are buggered again. I am just limping along doing prerenders and saving setups constantly just to get through this job.

Try taking the clip into batch and exploding it. Do the keyframes behave themselves there?

Batch is behaving. Just have 30+ BFXs in the timeline and can’t believe this is suddenly happening over two projects that I am working with today.

Had the same thing here, but not all the time and not clear what triggers it in some circumstances and not others.