Clocking masters Python

Any Python gurus here?

I’ve got slate templates with a text soft effect on it.

Do you think it’s possible to use python hooks to fill out the slate info in the text soft effect then edit this onto a master timeline?

I think between @MikeV’s “slate maker” script and my “slates desktop copy” one, you should be able to do that. Both are in the Logik Portal. Slate maker will make the slates based on your template, and then slates desktop copy can edit them into sequences.


Thanks @john-geehreng. Purely a speculative question on my part because I was just thinking about automated workflows. Thanks for the pointers.

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I like this idea. I might knock up a template for my slates using burn in metadata.

We did tests many years ago at automating the text tool (probably before clip history…?). I remember that we could control it using ascii but in the end it just seemed quicker and more flexible to create them manually. Agency producers always need to revise slates.

Going to look at burn metadata though. Thanks.