Flushing renders on the timeline

Hi all,

I’m constantly having to flush renders when i have a burnt in letterbox and/or burnt in meta data on the timeline in either TL effects or within a bfx as the timeline is not updating properly when sending wips out. So to clarify, new render is smart replaced into timeline, below BiL fine, on BiL layer not updated till i flush.

linux 2023 & 2024

Is there a setting im missing?


I think I remember having this on the last version of Flame I had. Turned off background reactor and I haven’t seen it since.

Thanks @PlaceYourBetts annoyingly bg ractor was already off for me.

It’s been such a problem over time that I use a hot key to flush renders on the timeline.

nice, whats the hotkey? (im flame hotkeys)

I’m smoke classic. I just set Flush Render to Alt + W. Your choice.


It does it sans BG reactor on the Mac as well.

@fredwarren is this a bug?

Gosh… Its been a thing that pops up from time to time for as long as i can remember. Count yourself lucky up until now i guess. Its always when you are in thick of it, and the job ends in say 2 days. I find it only affects the 1 project, not system wide.

No solution for you, only tips… try to keep your timelines fully unrendered bc the timelineFX are mostly realtime nowadays, esp those 2 you mentioned. Using Desktop Difference always tries to render, so watch out for that. Anything slow, like say a Motion based Timewarp, Im promoting to Batch. Hopefully that helps, maybe we have different workflows.

The hotkey idea is slick.

It could be nice if lock track would prevent a track from rendering inadvertently. Then you could lock your Gap BiL layer.

@knhn thanks, yeah im the same as you, if i need a motion tw on the tl i usually run it through TWML so its a committed clip anyway so my timeline is light in that sense. Tbh even if the issue goes away my OCD will dictate ive got to flush the renders for safety anyway, a couple of old renders slipped through the net on a wip the other day!

The hotkey flush seems like the best solution for my workflow for now! thanks @Hengy