Timeline Image Fx View Sequence TC

There has to be a way to see the sequence timecode as opposed to source timecode. But I can’t find it. Anyone know if there is?

In which view - timeline viewer, or in effects mode since you mention Image?

The Effects tab display the Sequence timecode for “Segment” TimelineFX and the Source timecode for “Source” TimelineFX (the green ones) since they can be under a timewarp.

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Need another option here. I know it’s always been this way Since my focus is primarily grading, when grading source, which is needed for exporting shots with grade only, I need to be able to address comments without leaving the Image node in the sequence by using the sequence timecode.
This needs to be available whether in source view or track view.
In addition, I need to be able to go to any timecode location by entering it.

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