Camera Analysis does… nothing?

So I just updated to Flame 2024.1, loaded up a UHD clip the client gave us to test some stuff out with, ran Camera Analysis, it cached the vectors and gave me… nothing.

I hit f8 and the Camera view is just the footage, same with the Media view and the Scene view is empty. I’ve tried this a couple of times and keep getting the same result. Camera is linked. There are no errors or anything in the terminal.

Anyone seen this or have some thoughts? Am I missing something really obvious? I’m going to try some other footage in a sec or I guess just do the old Analyzer but this seems a bit odd.

After you cache the motion vectors you still have to “Analyze” in Analysis node. Did you do that part?

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Hahaha. Nope!

It’s always something dumb.

Ah well, I already just did the mono analyzer and moved on. It wasn’t a hard track, I just keep meaning to try the new one more so I get the hang of it.

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