Camera Analysis - Motion Vector error

Hey everyone,

I’m using Flame 2023.2 on Rocky Linux.

Was testing out camera analysis and all was good. Now, for some reason, when I add my Camera Analysis and try to analyise I get an error: An error occured while accessing the media or its motion vectors.

Note: the motion vectors proxy in the schematic, which should show the motion vectors, is only showing the clip.

Any thoughts??


Can you share your Action and Batch Schematic?

Forgive my ignorance - do you just want to see a screenshot?

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Yes please!

ok - here you go.

I guess your media for Camera Analysis should be media (0) which is your background footage…

From the provided screen capture, the media feed to analyse is layer 1, which is the single frame result from Paint so can’t generate motion vector. Forgive me if I read it wrong :sweat_smile:

Yes, I did that incorrectly. I’ve uploaded some more images that are proper, along with the error message I’m getting. I find it suss that the proxy of the image I’m tracking should be the motion vectors, but it’s just the image. Not sure what’s going on.

According to your screen captures, it’s seems correct…There must be some other issue let Flame fails to generate MV but can’t try any further due to different version than yours…sorry :sweat_smile:

BTW if your clip set to “No Media” in Head/Tail Media, the proxy will show original image instead of motion vector in the first and last frame, tested in Flame2022.3.

Screen Shot 2023-04-28 at 12.11.27

any thoughts?

Did you reboot (not just restart the app)? I’ve had a lot of weird, crazy things like I’ve never seen before happen with 2023.3 that never happen again with a full reboot. Sometimes just restarting the app fixes it and sometimes I need to do a full re-boot.

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holy crap that worked. Seriously. I feel like an episode of the IT crowd…I feel silly for not trying that…thanks!!!


Of you analyze or cache motion a lot of motion vectors, especially 4K and higher, you may run out of graphics memory on your GPU. It’s a bug (or it acts like a bug). @ytf is right…a reboot will fix it.

Good news :+1:

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