Camera analysis stabilisation

Stabilise: Anyone worked out how to do this with the new camera analysis?

Hi Paul,

As far as I was aware, it should still be the same as the old method.

Whether you used the old camera analyser or the new camera analysis tools to do the track, the information is fed to the 3D camera of the scene.

Once the information is on the 3D Camera, you would use the various techniques to invert and stabilize the motion.

Here is the old method with Camera Stabilizer. – You would still create your axis off the 3d points in camera analysis and you check what cameras are assigned to the result view via the camera menu.

Hope this helps!


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I think you need to cut the link after analysis, correct Grant?

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Correct. The mimic link is precisely that. It just feeds the default camera with data. Once you like it, sever it and mess with it like you’ve been messing with cameras forever.

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Is there any chance that a kind soul could do a quick video explaining this? I’m struggling to understand how to work it out. In the 3D stabilisation from the 2016 tutorial, it only gets up to stabilising but does anyone know how to stabilise and invert it back after some post have been applied? Thank you so much!

It should just be a matter of reversing your cameras. When you stabilize, your still camera is your result camera and your tracked camera is your projecting camera. When you reverse the stabilization, your tracked camera is your result camera and your still camera is your projecting camera.