NEW Flame 2022 Training - 3D Tracking with Camera Analysis - P7 - 3D Tracking in Existing 3D Composite

Hi All,

In this week’s video, part 7 of the 3D Tracking series with Camera Analysis, you’ll learn a cool technique of using 3D tracking in an existing composite.

This allows you to combine any work you may have done previously with any 3d tracking data from the Camera Analysis.

So you’ll cover how to set up the camera analysis for this kind of situation, perform the 3D track and assign the tracking data to an axis instead of a camera.

You would then add scene trackers to compose the additional elements into the existing composite.

You can check out this video and more on the Flame Learning Channel or in Autodesk Learning on AREA and as a downloadable podcast via iTunes.

Keep well and stay safe!


Would love to see this inverse matrix type of capability with a tracked camera or a imported camera.

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