Camera Image plane tool

Whats the best way of using a tracked camera to snap a mask (or any image) to something in the scene using a reference frame and the correct distance from the camera.
Like this:

I am guessing this can be built within action, but just want to know if there is something in the tool set.

That would be the Camera Analysis tool introduced in the Flame 2022 version

Thanks Fred.
Is this functionality also there if the camera track is coming from an external file, like an alembic cache? Looking for three easy steps

1 - Draw a Mask
2 - Set the reference frame.
3 - Set the distance from camera

I the demo I posted this done by attaching a card to the camera so the card size aligns with the camera frustum. The the card is scaled fro the camera center to meet the desired distance and frozen at the reference frame.
I may give this a try in Action if there is there is nothing already built in.