Can I pin a color on the scopes?

you know how you can sample a color and it helpfully draws a little cirlce on the scopes?

I could have sworn there was a way to have a ref color appear in the same way, so you could look at the sampled area, adjust the color and have the ref color static on the scopes.

am I crazy? is this doable?

What is Reference Colour all about? I can’t get it to do anything :thinking:


same. I hadn’t found that, but it is also not doing anything for me.

Also not what you asked for but I found interesting whilst I was poking around. If you have a timeline with Primary and Secondary selected and you put them into compare mode you get this on your scopes

An overlay of the Primary and Secondary (Blue)


The only way to do this is to open the Colour Sampler window (Alt-Space-C or the button next to the Scopes button). A coloured ring will appear in the Scopes view as long as the Colour Sampler window is opened.

The coloured ring will also appear if you use the colour sampler shortcut to inspect the pixel under the cursor (Alt-Space-Click) but will disappear right away when you let go of the shortcut.

This is indeed what the “Reference” colour is for in the Scopes options. The reference will also appear in Batch / Effects when the Compare tool is enabled.