Scopes question

trying to do some colour matching between shots.
One is a grabbed reference still, one the shot being tweaked.

Switching on the scopes, i can see the RGB Parade / Vectorscope is overlaid on a cyan representation of the reference still. Switch Compare mode off and this vanishes. Its great you can overlay them, but…

Is there any way to have the scopes show a colour representation of the Reference still?
Judging the colour shift is difficult when the scope shows completely different colours.


No, this is not possible.

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Ok, thanks Fred

It could be interesting to have an option for the reference rgb waveform to be opposite colors, like cyan, magenta, and yellow, so if you were color matching, the waveforms could zero/black out like a difference matte when you got close…


intriguing idea…

Please fill a request over at Flame Feedback for it.

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Requested under General Improvement: FI-02425