Cannot delete clips under iterations

I cannot delete rendered clips under old iterations.
I don’t want to delete the iterations itself but I just want to delete the rendered sequences manually under it. Flame says selection contains locked clips.
Flame 2024.0 on Mac ventura 13.5

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Sounds like you have accidentally fat fingered some clips and you’ve locked them by accident.

Not in front of the computer right now, but if you look at those clips, you might be able to sort them and see that they are locked in the media hub. Or you can just right click on everything and unlock them.

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I’ll try.

it’s the same for all batch groups.
I’m rendering to schematic reels. I try to delete an old render in an old iteration. it’s says selection contains locked clips. I’m trying to delete 1 clip.
I’m using a linux box with version 2019 at the company that I work. I can delete the clips easily. Could it be a Mac permission issue?

My work around is loading the old iteration by double clicking. Delete the renders in my schematic view. They are not in batch renders. Then iterate it with a new number. And delete the old one. This way iteration_v001 becomes v012. It doesn’t make sense.

You should be able to save over the old iteration.
Is your library ‘protected from editing’?

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“Protected from editing” box is disabled under preferences.
I double-clicked old iteration and loaded it. I deleted the old renders. I pressed iterate button and saved it onto itself and loaded the latest iteration. When loading the latest iteration there is an error message : “Unsaved changes to the current setup will be lost” I confirmed and proceeded. When I checked the old iteration, it turned to its old slate. Nothing was deleted.
I can delete the whole iteration there is no problem with it. But I cannot make a change with it and save it.

Can try a 2021.1 linux box tomorrow for you.

I think that is by design???

If something is on a schematic reel, that implies its being used by that iteration. Someone could break an iteration by deleting a necessary clip otherwise. Why not render to a Batch Shelf?

What about load old iteration, then delete that iteration from the Iterations folder, do the cleanup, then use Iterate As with that previous iteration number?

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I’ve just tried the same thing, (2023.3), it says locked clips for me too.
Must be a feature.

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Thanks. You are right I remember it wrong. It’s same with Linux. You cannot delete rendered clips under old iterations that are under schematic reels.
it’s a feature.
Flame thinks renders under schematic reels are the part of the setup. it does not let you delete. Load an old iteration and cleanup and overwrite works. I’ll try it with the mac.

Overwrite the old iteration works, Thanks.