Deleting Batch Iterations

Where does one go to delete any/all instances of an iteration. Last night, I deleted several iterations from the Iterations folder in the selected Batch group. After looking in the library, they are still there. Seems I’m missing a crucial step here.

You’re doing it correctly, there’s no other way than manually deleting them.
Maybe you only did it in a Batch group in your Desktop and forgot to save and replace it in the library?

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Another option might be python? (I haven’t used it yet)


Yes. There’s a sample python script that ships with flame that will delete all but the latest iteration. You can find it in /opt/Autodesk//python_examples. It’s the file called “”. Just put it in the /opt/Autodesk/shared/python folder and rescan your python hooks (cntrl-shft-P-H) or relaunch the software. It should be available if you rt-click on a batch group.