Deleting batch setups

Other than outside of Flame and manually deleting from the iterations folder, I can’t see any way to delete batch setups from within Flame.
Or am I missing something?

Not too sure what you are trying to achieve @paul_round but there is a python script that will remove batch iterations. It is one of the Autodesk example scripts. We had it modified to remove all but the last 5 iterations. Great for cleaning up at the end of a job just before archive.

That pretty much sums up what I’m trying to do, it’s just surprising theres no delete option within Flame.
I’ve done it all manually now, but will be sure to check out that script, Is it editable, as I usually only keep the last three iterations.

I’ll send you my script once I get into the office @paul_round :+1:

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It was @MikeV who helped me to modify it. See here:

If you select Load and then navigate to the batch that you would like to delete you can Right-Click > Delete.