Cannot delete a file via the search results

I have a 15min clip thats taking up 500gigs of space and I cannot find it manually amongst the thousands of files in my project. I can find it through the search tool but there is no way after that to delete, uncache or locate the place where it lives.

I managed to find the folder on the FLAMESTORE where the clips are stored but I am not sure if it’s safe to delete them from there.

Any ideas of how to get this 500gig file off my system so I can reclaim the space.

I just spent the last 2 hours hunting down this file and discovered it had been saved in an earlier iteration. The search tool told me the clip was somewhere in the batch but because I had “show iterations” off in preferences it could not highlight the file for me and I couldn’t even see the file.

I’m very happy now that I’ve reclaimed over 500gigs of space.

So this has also taught me that cached media (including motion vector caches) can live in iterations and blow out your archive sizes. It can also chew a lot of Framestore space especially if you do more than 1 attempt at caching into different iterations. This has happened to me because I tend to use iterations as a wip.

And whilst investigating this issue I also discovered that the search tool results are live when you open and close libraries including switching between library and desktop only views.

johnag is happy now :slight_smile:

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You might be interested in a python script @MikeV has written. Delete all but the last 5 iterations in all batches on your desktop.