Cr2 to flame

hi all

best way to get cr2 into flame with the full dynamic range ?

photoshop is not happening . I set the photoshop “colour settings” to aces CG linear, then in the raw import menu when bringing in the cr2, set it to aces CGlinear, 16 bit…and it still throws away data, and clips. Having done some online reading up, seems adobe are all about what you see on screen in rgb, and so they seem to be converting it always anyway back to their rgb screen profile.

maybe resolve can do it ? or nuke ?

any tips would be appreciated !



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Following. I had to deal with this last summer and found a mac command line app called “rawtoaces,” but couldn’t get it to compile and ended up having to do everything by hand in Adobe land, which majorly sucked.

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Resolve should read cr2, but not every canon camera is supported, and it`s gpu heavy. Sometimes it helps to convert cr2 to dng in lightroom and bring in resolve. And from resolve you can export as Aces .exr or whatever you need

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Thanks hBomb and Val

so in the end I used Affinity Photo which worked :slight_smile:

interesting chat on it here

this is what i followed in Affinity:

  1. Using the Develop Assistant to change Raw Output Format to “RGB (32bit HDR)” and Tone Curve to “Take No Action”
  2. Pushing the Exposure slider 2 stops up on an already bright image, then switching from Develop Persona to Photo Persona
  3. In the program preferences, setting the “32bit RGB Color Profile” to “ACES CG Linear”
  4. Exporting as “OpenEXR 32-bit linear”
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@val when using Lightroom to Dng, does it keep the dynamic range intact ?

Never tried this kind of workflow, but it should keep everything.

UPD: just checked, cr2->dng->resolve trip works as expected, no clipping or something like that. At least to naked eye. For conversion from cr2 to dng I used AdobeDNGConverter (looks like free piece of software from Adobe)

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thanks Val, will check that out tomorrow !

I found this old post from 2015 from Yann:

No, neither Flame or Smoke are supporting CR2 files at the moment.

"However, this is something on our radar for the forthcoming releases.
Please let me know if you have any questions,



7 years on and we still can’t import them!


thats what I do also for cr2 best way to manipulate the exposure is after conversion, load the exr into flame and then multiply each pixels by 2 for + 1 stop, this can be done in mastergrade in linear mode with the exposure slider. this matches stopping the lens up/down and depending on camera model might be needed to align the dslr shots with the main camera , I usually align a greycard to 0.18 linear - same with the main cam and also use the greycard for whitebalancing (again only using multiply on each color channel) to make the picker read 0.18/0.18/018 on both shots, this basically fixes 99% of issues.
Even better is using a colorchart to match the 2 but colorcharts can be dangerous and there is no way to use them in flame afaik.

I think the format is on it’s way out, so don’t expect anything in the future.

How about cr3’s? Anyone has any expierence with those into flame? Or trying to convert these to EXR without a huge color shift? CR2 in resolve works but these cr3 are problematic and not opening in Lightroom, or Resolve.

Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop might work

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seem like i would need to change the bitdept of every file manually (unless im doing that part wrong) not sure how to automate, and also our colorist said " when I brought it into resolve it was really crushed for some reason. and it doesn’t export DNGs, for that you have to use lightroom. media encoder doesn’t accept camera raw. and i finally realized that updating my adobe suite made downloading adobe dng converter not availabe,… much quicker than photoshop and lightroom too. i also discovered after effects works, but it’s also a bit of a process and felt like it made sense to stay in resolve so that I could have more control over the color level output and also have the project setup for grading."

Just trying to figure out a more smooth workflow…

You can batch automate in photoshop using “actions”. Clunky but better than full manual

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There are a few ways to do the automation in photoshop, but I was mistaken about it’s ability to output EXR. The best you can do is a 16 bit tiff. You can save it with a variety of colourspaces, though, including ACES CG.

Edit: I did a quick test. From .cr3>photoshop>tiff w/ACES cg>Flame>rec 709. It seemed consistent all the way through, but 8k tiffs are big-ass files. If you want to know how to do this in bulk, lemme know.


CR3 will definitely open in any modern version of Lightroom. It’s most likely an old version of camera raw/Lightroom installed so maybe check there? Basically Lightroom is camera raw with cataloging and Adobe tends to update them in sync.

For that matter I believe the would open in AE as well come to think of it.