Can't find OpenFX

Just playing around with a linux box vs a mac and I can’t find open FX in the batch nodes. Is it linux only?

Hi Paul,

OpenFX is support on both Linux and Mac platforms.

Normally the OpenFX nodes appear when the plug-ins have been installed in the default OFX directories.

you could also try rebooting your system after the install to make sure that launching Flame picks up the new settings.


Thanks Grant.
Ok, heres another linux / mac conundrum.
As we’re currently not working, I’ve been playing around with stuff I don’t normally use, so looking into substance PBR with CG models. I have a setup that on the linux box, (RTX 6000 24G of VRAM, 128G RAM) takes 1.5 hours to render, but on my hackintosh, (RX 580, 8G of VRAM, 64G RAM) takes only 30 minutes. Same setup, same version of flame.


I’d reckon that disk speed plays a big role in that. What’s the difference in disk speed?

Linux box with Raid 5, 122fps, 5827 Mbps
Hackintosh with single SSD, 482 fps, 2865 Mbps.

Well, the bandwidth numbers don’t make sense, but, there’s no way that reading off of spinning disks RAID 5 is faster than a single SSD. So, the single SSD is probably the reason.

Its not a spindle Raid, but an SSD one, in an icy dock.