Strange behaviour when dropping a compass with nodes

Strange behaviour when dropping a compass with nodes from the User shelf.
This behaviour was very recurrent, then disappeared with 2025, now it is back…
It is annoying and making saving and reusing templates a frustration.
Anyone has an idea ?


While I couldn’t replicate this problem exactly, I know what you mean. The workaround I’ve used is to pull out a dummy node well away from your batch. Then with that node selected, double click on the compass that’s in my node bin. It pulls it out and puts it nearby the dummy node I have selected.

It is so bloody annoying :disappointed:

You might want to check in Batch>Batch Prefs>Preferences Tab, that Auto Parent and Auto Insert are turned OFF. Those two can really screw up a Batch when you use Userbins nodes with compasses or just regular nodes

So good you got it recorded. After this destroyed my setups with cryptomattes a bunch of times, I never got it working on purpose while recording it for support.
Will test ChrisH.'s fix and hope it will temporally work for the next project.

I don’t have that option in my 2023 preferences :disappointed:

When I’ve seen this it’s because of the Auto Parent setting. But it’s also because you have a node selected. You can just tap the batch schematic background to deselect everything before you drag out.

I know it’s annoying to have to remember this.

@PlaceYourBetts It’s under the preferences tab. I had a very frustrating week where nodes were getting randomly (it seemed) connected as I dragged nodes around my batch. These two were the culprits.


Thank you all, I will try the double click trick and the preferences
Have a great day all of you

UPDATE: It is funny though, I am on Flame 2025 and I don’t have this option, actually the whole schematic tab is not there, I found it under Flame preferences and it didn’t have any effect on the bug.

I noticed that the double click inside User shelf didn’t resolve the problem, and again with a node selected or not, the problem is still there, I will try to find the nodes that exist in the batch that attracts this strange behaviour, my thought would be nodes with the same name, who knows