Double version install


I am currently running 2023 on Rocky. I need to use 2022 but want to keep 2023 around. Is this possible and if so how can I do it?

If you want to use Rocky then Flame 2023 and newer is your only option.

Centos 7.6 supports 2020-ish through current 2023.

Odd. My IT guy installed Rocky and 2023 a couple of days ago. He said I could install 2022.3 & run it on Rocky, which I’ve done. I haven’t used 2022 in action yet with RL, but just launching it seemed to be fine?

Then perhaps there’s a mistake in the System Requirements?

I tried the Centos Installer on Rocky and just refuses

I can confirm this! I’ve run 2022.3 a bunch on Rocky without any issue (so far…)

I just extracted and ran the installer in autodesk_flame_2022.3_LINUX64_CENTOS.tar without any issue in Rocky.


I took a look at just the base version of Flame 2022 and it doesn’t allow you to install on Rocky.

But you can easily get around this by editing the file in the checks/ directory contained in the folder thats created when you extract the .tar file

If you open a terminal in the checks folder and run this command it will do the appropriate adjustment for you. You can then just run Setup as normal.

sed -i "s/CentOS/Rocky/g"

Note: I haven’t tested 2022 enough to say it works without bugs but it opens for me and I can create a project/render frames etc