Centralized components & multiple paths in 2025

We have been using symlinks and environment variables prior to 2025 to have a central location for various hooks, matchbox shaders, export presets, etc. I’ve started to test this new sysconfig.cfg action but I’ve hit a stumbling block with multiple paths for a given section.

The main issue is for python hooks. We use NiM and have a respository of our own for a load of things but those are in 2 separate locations. With environment variables you could just use : between two paths and both would be loaded. It doesn’t work that way with the new config file.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to have 2 of more paths for a given component? @Slabrie @fredwarren ?

Wikipedia: OverlayFS

Multiple NFS exports in a single mount point.
If setup correctly; lovely.
If a server fails; not so lovely.


Thanks for the suggestion. One could also use symbolic links I suppose. Ideally though it’d be built in the config as was possible before.