CGI Champ: an interactive VFX quiz

How well do you know your VFX.
And you can take it again and again, it’s got more than 10 questions so the new one will be somewhat different.

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6/10 (hangs head in shame)

got it on my 3rd try with mostly star wars, aliens, terminator 2 and jurassic park stuf lXD

6/10. Could do better.

Ha! 6/10… I even worked in some of the ones I got wrong! :face_vomiting:



9/10 the first time. 3/10 on another try. mostly 6-7 on other tries.

3/10, 8/10. Great way to wait for a track!!

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7/10. The bladerunner 2049 one’s mess me up, because I know weta made some miniatures and I always want it to be the miniatures and then I’m wrong or vice versa

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