Changing Zspace

Hello, I have a graphic that I want to change it’s z space but dont want the size of the graphic to change as I adjust the depth. I seem to think there is a way to do this but I can’t remember how. Is there a way to do this.

Yeah there’s a blue pulldown menu with something like “on All Transforms” Just to the right and below of the numerical fields I believe.

Thanks Randy, I looked at those options but cant seem to see any change to the image when I select them.

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Under Auto Scale in the Object/Axis Menu, set the blue pulldown menu to On All Transforms. This does some auto math behind the scenes to automagically scale your surface/object such that transforms on position.z don’t alter the apparent size as its seen through the camera.

I tried that but when I change z depth the image moves

It does move on X a wee bit, just nudge it back a bit.

Thanks Randy, I found the problem. The graphic was not set at the centre of screen.