.cine files transcodes

Any suggestions on how best to transcode Phantom .cine files?

Specifically, I’m looking for a super free or cheap option just to do a couple tests.

Also, does anyone have a few frames lying around as a test example?

Mind chuckling a few frames here if ya got em?

Resolve – Sending you a clip.

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Oh damn its that easy? Last time it was a Glue Tools / Sratch toss up.

Ive never used Resolve. Shocker, I know. Is it as easy as importing, selecting the clip in the Media Pool, Media Management, Transcode?

Yep. That works.

Also you can drop all into a sequence, and go to the render page. The only thing is keeping source names and code, just tick the render boxes for source clips, and you should be good to go. Phantom timecode will change based on your clock hour, so something to keep in mind when sharing projects.

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Ah. Thanks. My Render doesn’t fill the frame on this 4096x2304 render. Lemme guess. I need to buy the full version?

Yeah. That.
Also make sure with your colorist (if it’s someone else) about the transcoding process. I usually transcode rec709 and deal with it. Company3 prefers log2S with a lift of 10 that gives them more definiton for the blacks I guess…

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HEARD. Yup. I totally remember that note you gave last time. It’s on my list. No Company 3 Times on this project, but I do have plans to chat with colorists before transcodes and we all go way back so that should be good.

Aight. Thanks everyone. Seriously. For reals. Thanks for the test clip @Nick, thanks @Sinan for the transcode tips. All licensed up and pipeline works.

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I run them through Topaz Video AI to upscale, clean them up and transcode all at the same time. Works well.


seems like youve sorted it but whats it worth i used to use PCC Software to transcode. it worked just fine, phantom cameras are weird so i knew it was going to be weird with theTC etc

PCC is windows only. Oh well.

ah yes, i do have one of everything in my studio… theres so many little apps that are only foir windows, well maybe not so much these days! its useful to have around…

I’ve got Windoze too back at the ranch. Seeking an onset and lightweight solution.