Motion vectors not rendering?

Hi all! So I set up the motions vectors - cache them - see the colorful screen - set a ref frame - parent it correctly (I ran it by Randy so there) and it doesnt track - when I look in the media panel the clip says unrendered so thinking there is a cache issue but how do I solve this ? Any takers??

Is it just sitting there, like the pixels aren’t being pushed at all? Can you show a screenshot of inside the action schematic? One gotcha that I have been bitten by before is unwittingly having the surface that I’m generating the vectors from hidden when caching. If it’s hidden during that, you’re going to get motion vectors of nothingness and no track. Have you tried clearing the cache and caching again (making sure the surface that the vector map is generating the motion vectors isn’t hidden)?

Haha Randy asked me all those things - so it progress bars for the cache and when its done the MV has the colors like it worked but when you scrub it doesnt move at all and when I look at media panel the clips say unrendered - I tried clearing cache - restarting flame - restarting mac- tomorrow I will take a pic of schematic - thanks for replying!

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