Clip names in BFX

I have a dillema that I know I can find work arounds for, but there must be a better way. The situation is this. I have several clips stacked on a timeline. They are all from the same source clip, but they have different sync points that have been matched to a reference. To identify which is which, I have given them appropriate names. When I select them all and go into bfx the names are the same as the file name (in this case, unhelpful since they are all from the same dpx file) rather than the names I see on the segments in the timeline. Am I missing something? No work arounds please, I can handle it.

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Good question. It’s super annoying but I don’t know the answer. Just make notes of the timing offsets?
If you pull the clips off the timeline, then bring them in to the BFX from the reel, they’ll keep the new names

Right click on it in batch/bfx and select split tracks? Should maintain your naming

Yes, but that’s a work around.

Not finding any split tracks option under any right clicks.

Wierd, maybe it’s the clip type that isn’t letting you do that.

If I select both tracks, and enter BFX with Selection as Clip, I can then select split and I get two clips with the correct names, but they are at timeline resolution rather than Source resolution. If I then explode those clips I get them at Source resolution, but they revert to the old names. And under no scenarios can I see source timecode.

If you copy paste that timeline into a source resolution that matches your timeline it should work, a work around but should work

I’m doing something so much simpler. I’ve just added “left” and “right” to two clips that look exactly the same except for a few frames sync being different. When I go into BFX I just want them to say “right” and “left” without a big song and dance. There a zillion workarounds, but it just seems so logical that one could keep the same names they see on the segment.

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Or taking the clip color as labelled in the timeline into BFX would be great.

I think the one thing I think it does do is respect the layered nature of the timeline, so if you have the clips on different layers and take them all into BFX together the BFX schematic will lay out the clips in the correct vertical height, if you see what I mean. So if ‘person 1’ was on layer 2 and ‘person 2’ was on layer 1 when you take those all into BFX ‘person 1’ would be physically higher in the schematic. But maybe that doesn’t work in every scenario.

I usually add a text effect to each clip the timeline and label the clips as ‘person 1’ and ‘person 2’, then when you go into BFX with ‘Selection as flowgraph’ selected you can see which is which.
But this is also an unnecessary step, really and it should be more transparent.