Cut sequence

Ok, this is doing my head in.
I’m not much of a timeline guy, so apologies if this is an obvious ask.
I have a sequence of 150 or shots. Each one has VFX on them, I have a small bfx that adds the correct CC file and show cube.
My sequence is called CUT_SO_FAR, however, whenever I drop in a new shot, the sequence loses its name and I have to rename it.
Am I missing something obvious here?

Your sequence should be “open” as a record timeline and its tab should be red. Dropping in a shot into the clip should not affect its name.


I have never seen this before. How are you adding the shot?

Just dropping it in on the reel

what does it change the name to?

Dropping a BFX onto a clip might change its name.
The BFX takes its name from the last output node (I think) and you cant use tokens on it (very frustrating).

Can you do the BFX on the track above as a gap FX?

It just removes the name altogether.