Clip size vs files size problem

clip size

I have upgraded to flame 2023.0.1 on hp Z840 Linux
I am imorting clips from a san for scanned film element.
in the clip info window
there is a clip res setting of:
4096 x 2312 @ 10-bit (1.778)

and a file res setting of:
4096 x 2312 @ 10-bit (1.772)

when I import the clips using the same as source settings, the clip comes in at 1.778
this is a setting that flame is creating. it is incorrect.
it should be defaulting to the file aspect setting of 1.772

this seems to be new in flame 2023.0.1
it is in fact resizing the clip on input.
so when I export the same clip, it defaults the aspect to 1.778.

so the resulting clip is stretched horizontaly

Has anyone seen this behaviour?
please help.
Richard Hiltzik
Warner Bros. MPI


This is not new. The difference is that since Flame 2022.1 Update we are now showing you the File Resolution in addition to the Clip Resolution in the MediaHub Previewer. The clip was however imported at the clip resolution in previous versions as well. The root of the problem is the same as reported here: You've Been Burn'd Ep15: Endless Frustration

This problem has been fixed in 2023.2 Update