Silhouette - resizing input frame and cropping

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before.

I have a 4096x3024 clip and I’m loading it into Silhouette in Flame via ofx, and for some reason it crops half the image to black and then resizes it to 2048x3024.

Not sure why its doing this :disappointed:.

Any suggestions welcome :grin:

Fyi I’m using the latest version of Silhouette 2023.5.4 and Flame 2023.3.2



I haven’t experienced that. You might want to post this to the Boris FX forums. They might be able to help you out!

There was a Flame bug with OFX plug-ins when using certain aspect ratios. This was fixed by Autodesk in Flame 2024.2. There are some additional fixes Autodesk has made, but are yet to be released that fixes some additional cases.


Yup, it’s a bug :pensive:.

Thanks for the quick response gang :grin:.



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