Clips without additional infos like path to Flamestore


I am wondering why sometimes there are clips in the Timeline with “less infos” (Option/mouseclick) than others…

What’s the difference between such clips?


[clip with few infos shown (Option/mouseclick)]

Rec.709 video
3072 x 2048 @ 8-bit (1.5)
24fps (P)
R:1 R:66
S:Virtual L: S:Virtual


[clip with more infos shown (Option/mouseclick)]

Rec.709 video (cyan colored)
3072 x 2048 @ 8-bit (1.5) (cyan colored)
24fps (P) (cyan colored)
R:67 R:132
S:Virtual L: S:Virtual
Import:/Volume(path to Falmestore)

The first item looks like it was generated in flame, such as black or bars.

Rec.709 video Colour space
3072 x 2048 @ 8-bit (1.5) Image size, bit depth and aspect ratio
24fps (P) Frame rate and scan mode
L:66 Length
R:1 R:66 In and Out on the timeline
S:Virtual L: S:Virtual Source timecode/frame in and out. In this case it is a virtual frame

This next clip in the time line is an imported single frame. Since it came from an outside source, it has more information.

IMG001__2048-x-3072.tif Name and format of original
IMG001__2048-x-3072:IMG001__2048-x-3072 Something to do with the original folder structure
Rec.709 video (cyan colored) Colour Space. Cyan means it does not match the timeline CS.
3072 x 2048 @ 8-bit (1.5) (cyan colored) Resolution bit depth and aspect ratio
24fps (P) (cyan colored) Frame rate
L:66 Length on timeline
R:67 R:132 In and Out on the timeline
S:Virtual L: S:Virtual Source in and out. Since it is an imported frame, the source is virtual
Import:/Volume(path to Falmestore) Where the clip was imported from

In general, anything in cyan means that it doesn’t match the parameters of the project. This is usually not a problem.


Thank you ytf for the helpful feedback, it does really help me:)

One last question:
During import of footage under “tagged colour space” it’s possible to select - among others - Rec.709 video and Rec.709 camera.

I do have different training clips (made of the same footage), in some of them imported as Rec.709 video and in others projects imported as Rec.709 camera. Will a wrong selection of those colour spaces be problematic during rendering/export?


Up until a few minutes ago I didn’t even know there was a Rec. 709 camera selection. They appear to be the same. Perhaps some people like it for organizational purposes. I would stick with Rec. 709 video, since having clips with multiple colourspaces can be confusing enough, I would not add in something that doesn’t make a difference.