Timeline tracks are not as bright as normal


played around with rendering an exporting from the Timeline. Suddently the colours of the timeline tracks are not as bright as normal and the reel looks different too (probably only populated by the rendered clip). Can’t undo the last steps…

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thank’s a lot!

Hmm…I haven’t seen that. Is it cuz you have ‘Filter’ enabled? As in, Filter is enabled but it ain’t found anything so its showing you the unfiltered stuff?

Looks like they are all hidden somehow. Try selecting them all, right click and ‘Show Segment’ (I think that’s the right terminology)

This Filter is not applied to the content displayed in the Explorer. It should have no effect on the Timeline segments display.

First this to look out for is what Andy mentioned.

Yeah, tracks look hidden. On my mac with smoke keys it’s cmd+h (I think, not on the box).

Select the entire track on the left hand side by clicking on the track number, then right click and show/hide track.

ctrl H if you’re using flame hotkeys

Thanks to each of you for the fast help! ‘Show Segment’ did solve the problem :slight_smile:

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