Selecting new source region for clone brush in Desktop Paint


I’am trying to re-adjust the source-destination offset in order to remove some dirty areas.

In the past I was able to do this with ctrl-clicking. But not anymore. Tried it with “Reveal” and other things/buttons, restarting Flame 2021 and rebooting macOS, but without success.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Desktop paint is way out of date and probably not looked after very well these days. Use batch paint. Or BFX.

I can’t speak for 2024, but I find being able to switch between YUV and HLS in wash on desktop paint very useful.

Thank’s for the suggestion about switching to batch paint or BFX.
After watching Flame 2024 tuts it really seems that the paint node is much more advanced than Desktop Paint and I start to realize that I should have started to learn Batch much earlier, this means, actually i don’t have any clue how Batch is working.
Since I should have finished my little Timeline-project much earlier, I am reluctant to jump into Batch this moment. That’s the reason I am trying to do this clean-up task with the Cloning tool/brush of Desktop Paint.

Setting the offset between the origin point and the destination point(green) numerically in the offset fields (x and y) under the bush option does work perfectly but it’s much too time consuming!

Pressing the Control Key and dragging the cursor to set the destination point did work some few times in the past, but i really don’t now why I am not able to reliably replicate such a simple thing.

Any tip is appreciated very much. Thank you!


Watched over and over again “Smoke Learning Channel - The Paint Tool: Cloning on a Moving Shot” … unfortunately I am not able to reproduce it in Flame 2021 :frowning:

You should just be able to control-click (not drag.) If that’s not working, something is bugged and you should contact support.

->You should just be able to control-click (not drag.) If that’s not working,
->something is bugged and you should contact support.

Thank’s for this suggestion. For the case the problem is solved in newer version of Flame, it would probably be easier to update Flame than opening an incident…

Are you able to set the offset between the origin point and the destination point
with Control + mouseclick (many times and and not only once or twice after Flame is started) and what version of Flame are you using?

Thank you!

Yes. 2023.3 presently, but it’s worked that way forever. Maybe try making a new user and see if it works there?

Thank’s! will try that. Continued to played around with selecting a new source-region and it does work to some degree…
In order to e able to change the source region, I activated Play(x) Control-clicked somewhere in the Canvas and re-activated Record(x).
After that I was able to select a new source-region and able to clone it :slight_smile:

Will have to check if this way it’s possible to paint/clone on every frame of the segment…
(In the second timebar i grabbed the end frame and pulled it down to frame 1)

This is just a simple shot with a still duration

Oh. You should have said you were using Autopaint. That’s a pretty old tool. I’m not sure you can change the clone offset while you’re recording in there. If you want to paint/clone on every frame of the sequence, you should be using Paint in Batch with the strokes set to “Sequence.”

Autopaint is a complete dinosaur. I’ll bet half the people in this group have either forgotten how to use it or never have.

Actually, I have jumped into desktop paint a few times recently. It’s so satisfying having save frame, the wash choices as @paul_round says and the tiled brush instead of raster is much better quality than in batch. Also it seems to be the only way to create a custom brush is to go into desktop.

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