How to get viewing LUT on broadcast while working in Image?

I have my Color Management set up, clips are tagged correctly. When I look at a clip on the timeline it is displayed correctly on the broadcast output (AJA with “Show Selected Item”). But when I enter Image on the effects tab the viewing LUT turns off on the broadcast only.

Is there a viewing setting I’m missing somewhere?


Hmm…are you using the Viewport Monitoring?

If you toggle active when in the image node does that fix it? I get this when using bfx and aces sometimes

I get the same results with Viewport Monitoring and Broadcast Toolbar mode. Toggling ‘Active’ affects the video on the UI monitor but not the Broadcast monitor.

It’s only with Image soft effect that I get this issue. Action and other soft effects show the viewing lut on the broadcast output.

Hiya - I just wanted to report here that I was experiencing a bug that has been fixed in 2022.2. All is working.