Colour Cubes .cube file

Hi all

Two questions please:

How does one import a .cube file successfully?
How does one convert a colour cube file to a .ctf?

thanks in advance


(shout out to @richardamckeand )

  • Colour Management FX
  • Mode - Colour Transform/Custom
  • Add a transform and set it to Import - Import your .cube
  • Use the Export button to export a .ctf

Thanks for this. Got it working. Doesn’t quite match the BLG. Seems to be less saturated and maybe gamma’s up. Scratching my head a bit to understand.

Whats the BLG’s working space?

I think the grade stack is done in log. I’ve tried doing a colour mgmt transform from lin to log a couple of ways. Can’t quite seem to match it.

What type of log? Do you have access to the BL project? There are a few factors you need to account for to have the same result in Flame.

Short answer is yes. I do have access to it via our tk op. Long answer is I don’t know the questions to ask.


  • Whats the Scene Working Colour Space
  • Whats the Cursor DRT set to
  • Does the BLG includes anything other than the .cube lut.

For you… Can you afford FLame’s BLG plugin? :smirk:

We have the BLG I’m just trying to sort out for a freelancer and I love solving these little problems.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll let you know how we get on.

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