Convert Symcolor .ctf to .cube? Or .lut export to Nuke?

I’m trying to get the this color transform to a Nuke artist:

I tried exporting the .lut file from the Color Management node, but that crashes Nuke.

I tried Lattice but I’m getting weird colors when I import the .lut file…

Anyone else try to do this?


Let me ask what you try to achieve?

It`s not possible to correctly transfer color transforms to some kind of LUT format, because you hit an annoying lut limitation - clipping. LUTs 99,9% of the time are defined between 0 and 1, and you need to take into account numbers above 1 when you work with linear gamma.

Good news - if you need to make your Nuke viewer behave like old Flame/Smoke viewers just change your viewerProcess setting in Nuke from default sRGB to rec709. Basically what it does - applies gamma 2.4 instead of 2.2