I’m looking for some help on how to import and use a colour cube.
I’m getting a load error:

the application cannot load the colour transform file:
OpenColorIO error reading
< .cube>
The specified transform file
could not be loaded. Malformed color triples specified in Iridas.cube lut: 'LUT_3D_INPUT_RANGE 0.0000000000

Bit more info, it also won’t open in Nuke, but will open in Resolve.

You can put the file here for a closer look.
You can also re-export it from Resolve.

i’ve used .cube files many times in flame. it didn’t used to be able to read them but as of a few versions ago it’s possible. sounds like the flame is not the culprit here…

I think you’re right Tim. As I said, it works only in resolve, so I suspect the issue lies there.
We’re waiting to hear back from the clients, just means we can’t send them any QT’s

This is the header info:

/home/ltreherne/Documents/MyApps/LTcolorTransform/LUTs/Argyle/LMTs/kodakrome.cube created using LTcolorTransform from Laurent Treherne (c) 2014-2020 Goldcrest

dim : 33x33x33


LMT for ACEScct colourspace



My Sample





LUT_3D_INPUT_RANGE 0.0000000000 1.0000000000

What are the first and las lines of the cube values?
You can try getting rid the the “LUT_3D_INPUT_RANGE 0.0000000000 1.0000000000” line.
First line after output size should probably be an X Y Z value

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First line:
0.043900 0.044134 0.044172
Last line:
0.784593 0.784593 0.784593

getting rid of the the “LUT_3D_INPUT_RANGE 0.0000000000 1.0000000000” line seems to have done it, I can now load it.


Clients have now sent an updated cube, with tweaked header which loads, and gives same result as my tweaked one.