Compare Mode oddness

just wondering if anyone else has seen this strange behaviour…

using Flame 2021 on Mac 2020, Catalina

in a Timeline BFX, I have set a reference frame for comparing. In 2 up window view (Batch schematic on left, Context on right) when i select the batch Schematic as active window, the context view shows the Comparison even though i have switched Compare Off. When i select the context window, no comparison is shown.
The two screengrabs show what happens simply switching between active windows.

I know i can drag the compare out of the way but i don’t think it should be doing this.

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature…
Anyone else seen this?

edit - i just tried this and its not possible! as soon as i click in the window to drag the compare off screen, it vanishes, so it must be a bug.

I have just found a work around in case this is bugging anyone else.

left hand window needs to be switched to f4 view - compare mode jumps from Off to On. Disable it in this view, then it will switch off in the other window too. Doesn’t work if you do this in the right hand window though.

Hello Adam,

This is certainly not expected. Is it possible that you are using a second monitor for the interface? Are there Scopes in it? You should contact support so they can investigate the issue.

Hi Fred,
already been speaking with Fernando about the issue. I’ve sent him a screen recording to show whats happening.
No scopes are being viewed, and although i have two monitors, Flame is not in dual screen mode, and i’m viewing everything on a single monitor. Its the 2-up view in bfx that i’m using.

It feels as if Flame is remembering the comparison mode selected for each different view option in a given viewport. So it remembers f4 was set to compare, but space1 its switched off, so will show different results for each view.

not sure if thats how its supposed to behave.

You may want to go to the View menu and and hit Reset All under the Multiview Layout section. I really don’t know if that will work, but it might be worth a try.

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