F1 F4 resets

i’ve got an issue with the F1 & F4 view…
usually i zoom in to compare before and after and hitting F1 F4 to compare.
New thingy is, that when i have a zoomed in view and hitting my other view, it resets the view to default making it impossible to compare.

Am i wrong, or isn’t this behavior normal?

Working on 2022.1 // catalina

…a new user didn’t fix it…

thx in advance

If you are in action, you might have some transformation applied to your surface maybe? Which node are you working in?


no transform at all…
i’m doing selective CC, keying, and then want to compare the result (F4) with my input (F1).
zooming in to have a better view…
then hitting F1 or F4 will reset my viewer to default.

This is certainly not the expected behaviour.

Here’s what you can try to fix the problem:

  1. Go in the BFX where the problem occurs
  2. Go to the View menu (on the right, next to Grid)
  3. Press Reset All in the Multiview Layout section

If that doesn’t fix the problem please try to create another BFX and see if you have the same behaviour in that one.

Thx Fred,

acctually it didn’t fix the issue.
It seems to be related to this specific BFX. i have experienced normal behaviour with a new BFX.