2-Up weirdness in 2024.1.1 Linux

Has anyone else seen some bizarre stuff with 2-up in Batch & BFX in 2024.1.1? Weird stuff like the left pane shows not the context selected, but like a 50/50 blend of the context, and some unrelated clip that’s not even in the setup. Other strange stuff as well. 1-up works just fine, 3-up seems more stable than 2-up.

I’ve created a clean user, clean project, rebooted, etc. It’s not the broadcast monitor – it’s happening on the UI monitor and broadcast.

Is there a newer release that addresses this?

As an aside, am I the only one in the world that uses 2-up constantly?

screen record it. use it as your submission to the 2023 Reverse Flame User Group.

Record and report it as a bug. Steps to reproduce if possible. It’s a bug report not a feature request.
And, I constantly use 2 up. Never came accross this. Are you sure you don’t have compare on?

2-up sort of throws me. Personally not a fan

Are you sure your Compare Mode is off? If you’re seeing blending it might be blending a reference buffer or somethign else in there.

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Well don’t I feel like the resident Genius now. It was on Compare → Blend. I didn’t know that there was a compare mode in batch other than the split bar. Big day for me.
Thanks Bryan.




I use it frequently, but not “constantly”.