Comparing more than 2 shots


  • Is there a way to compare more than 2 shots at once?

  • what is the easiest way to move the textboxes(2d titles/text) to an other postition in order find the bettest position ?

Thank you!


You can compare all the shots in a sequence with the Storyboard mode in a viewport.

For text… you can’t see any context while in the text module but if you add an Action effect after the text you can move it around with the Action Axis.

Keep in mind that if you feed front and matte from the BFX or any other TLFX with a matte, you can use an action TLFX to interactively position said effect. But this might result in a “preview unavailable” prompt on the timeline if you have another unrendered track under it.

Thank you very much to all of you! I see it’s time to jump into Action/Batch… till now i was just playing around in the Timeline environment :slight_smile:

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If you are on the timeline, I sometimes make use of the Triptych view which gives me three viewports.

You can place a playhead for each of the three screens and compare.