Shot based viewtransforms

This probably belongs in the official feature request forum rather than here but i just wanted to write it down because its a annoying issue for collaborating on feature/episodic using flame (this and missing metadata.

Whats missing are variable view transforms to apply “shotgrades” to our viewers and also to render them. This could be something like pattern browsing, where we use tokens for lut and/or CDL locations, or even point to a ctf file in a openclip?

The other thing that obviously has to go is the issue with rendering a timeline with multiple view transforms but this could be worked around.

While at it might as well implement ocio v2 instead of syncolor and aces 1.3… .

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If you look at Preferences / Color Management / there is a way to define media relative location for Look FX so you could refence CDL for for content.