Conform EDL with tons of JPGs

Hello Brilliant Minds,

Clearly, I’m having a brain-fart and need your help :slight_smile: I have and EDL with one-frame JPGs, literally 145 JPGs one frame length each. I cant link the EDL to JPGs in the Library. Any ideas? Thank you!

I guess they won’t have time code so can you turn on file name matching only?

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Then change the conform source location by context clicking the reel with all of your JPEG’s in and select set source as conform location.

That should try and match the file names of those JPEG’s to the EDL :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, Ive done all that. Matching only by name, changed names in EDL so it does have sequential numbers, but still no luck. I guess I will try to get an AAF form the editor.

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The fight with EDL lost. I’ve got AAF and all stills linked up correctly.