Conform oddness


I’m trying to conform a 20 minute program with a lot of .png and .tif stills in it. It’s a bit crazy with all the framerates, colourspaces, and resolutions in abundence.

My problem is when trying to link to the .pngs or .tifs they don’t get listed as potential matches even if I have none of the search criteria ticked? I wanted to just go through and manually link them, but if they don’t even show up as a potential, how can I do it?

Flame can see the file, knows its there, I can set atributes like colourspace, timecode, tape name etc. I can import it from the media hub too.

It even doesn’t work when I manually import the folder with all the stills in and “set as search conform search loction” from the library?

I’d have thought if I have no search criteria ticked, the Flame would just show me every file that was in the search location… but it doesn’t seem to be doing that.

Any ideas anyone?

I wonder if your AAF/XML thinks these need to be sequences for some reason. Like the offline editor imported the still as a 1 second video and now flame thinks it doesn’t have enough frames to fill the segment.

Other than that… if you’re going all the way to no search criteria and manually linking each one… I would use Replace Media instead of the conform tab. This works for me when the criteria don’t match up but I know it’s the right clip. Let me know if you need more explanation on that route.

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Hi Bryan,

It’s an old school EDL… might that make the difference?

I wondered the same thing though, I’ve consolodated handles down, and set my still duration in Flame to be 1min… still hasn’t changed anything.

I doing the replace media route now. Can’t waste any more time trying stuff out, but I’m sure it’s got something to do with how Flame treats single frame sources. In a folder with tif, png, jpg, mp4, and movs, it “sees” all of the moving picture media and suggests it as a potential match, but it doesn’t do that with any single frame media… not in the conform tab anyway.

SHIFT-CTRL-R for the win!

Here’s a longshot. Open up the EDL. What is the source and record duration of those still frames in the EDL? Is this one of those situations where a still frame in the nonlinear editor is an out exclusive versus what flame wants which is out inclusive?

You might possibly be able to do it if you add a timewarp with a speed of zero to the still frame segments. Just a guess. I generally just do them with Replace, but I rarely work on anything longer than 60 seconds.

I just went thru a similar project compiled of Stills and Stock Footage. It was a complete conform nightmare. Mixed frame rates, 80 plus character name/titles… and almost all of the cuts did not match the timing on the Cutting Copy.

I had to clean the xml’s via Resolve and the ONLY option that got me even close was to “generate new AAF”. Even though the names were Identical, I still had at least 10 matches per image and had to “Force Link” my way through 85% of the conform.

This was the same with both graded, and ungraded original source files… no improvement going either way. It was so bad that I have decided that I will be doubling my quotes from now on for any future jobs that use a lot of stills/stock footage, no ifs ands or buts.

Also worth mentioning, I tried EDL, XML’s, and AAFS…both converting from and to for all types. Best result was taking xml… loading into Resolve, and generating AAF.

Sidenote - Don’t even dream of thinking you can get a head start on the ungraded source, and just relink the grade. Same problems, and might cause your heart rate to rise while trying to deliver on time.