Conforming from external drive, consolidating used media to server

It’s been a while since this has come up and wanted to refresh on methodology. I have a shoot drive coming in with a bunch of footage, and only a tiny fraction will be used from the spot. I’d rather not copy over all the footage to my server if not necessary. I’d like to conform going from the connected external shoot drive, then procedurally copy over just the clips that are used in the conform, to my server - and have the conform then pointing only to the server files.

Any pointers? Thanks.

What I generally do is conform with cache media off, then consolidate all the clips to xx handles and cache the consolidated footage. I’ve often had mfx files behave poorly in this scenario, however.


Yeah. I’m trying to avoid caching, and keeping everything pointing at the server - so multiple boxes are using the clips from the server, not locally cached…

You could possibly publish after consolidating and conforming, but before caching, however it probably needs to cache to publish.

Hey GP - do you want the clips on your server to be whole camera files or trimmed with some heads and tails?

If it’s the later here’s what I do:

  • conform with the camera files on the external drive. In conform have the handles set to what you want. Have “Save Sources” on
  • Once conformed… you have a Sources folder in the media panel. Export all of these clips to your server. Unlink those sources, and relink with your new exports on the server.

Let me know if that works for you.

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Doing this right now with the added step of the drive being connected to a mac gateway running 10gig.

My process was import all material with no cache with auto convert from Alexa wide gamut to acesCG to a reel called source. Conform from that source reel while consolidating down to whatever handles you want and publish to exrs with batches and open clips. Then I usually pub out jpgs with view transform as well to rec709.

There’s some other source sequence, shot sequence malarkey in there but that’s the general gist.

The benefit of the publish is that you don’t have to relink, the box can do it for you.

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This sounds like a good flow. Thanks a bunch.