Conforming from production drive with multiple shoot dates / subfolders of raw / transcodes

If I have production footage, Arri Alexa Log C for example, with many shoot dates in separate folders, and subfolders within those shoot dates that have the RAW in a subfolder, and transcodes in another subfolder, what’s the best way to constrain the Conform module to only see the raw resolution of 4k? My timeline is HD if that matters.

Is the camera original footage a different format than the dailies? .mov vs .mxf or anything? You could do a search in the mediahub for the format, then drag the results into a reel uncached and select it as a conform search location.


This is probably the most expeditious way.

I also will scan each folder individually and link as I go, as I don’t generally like rushing conforms anyway.

I would also not be surprised to learn that one could filter by media type at the linking stage, but I’ve never figured out how. Maybe in match criteria?

But I’m definitely not above just allowing the conform tab to show me that there’s 3 versions of every clip and alt-hovering and then force linking. This quickly gets tedious, of course. Not something you want to do for 100 events.

Good idea. Unfortunately, the transcode proxies are 1920x1080 ProResLT movs, and the camera originals are you guessed it, 4k 4444 movs.

So, manually setting search location to the raw subfolder seems to be my best bet.

Here’s a crazy idea that may not work: make aliases of all the raw subfolders on the drive itself, put them in a folder of their own, and scan that.


You should be able to create a pattern browsing preset. The transcodes are in transcodes and the raws are in raws right? Use tokens to generate a path from project level root, recursively down to raw location. Then, park at the top, wait until pattern matching does it thing and the drag to a reel, uncached as conform source.

What a great idea but unfortunately Flame can’t see alias folders.

Yeahhhhhh, I was afraid of that.

I just tried on my Mac and flame couldn’t see the alias folder. @Quinn does it work on Linux

Been there, had no real solution.
Ever told me to put up a feature request.
Never done.

Until now.


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This has become my go-to.

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I can’t say that I’ve actually done this, but you could perhaps reformat your edl/xml/aaf to the resolution of your raw footage, set one of the match criteria to resolution, search and load the footage, then match it to a folder in flame and relink to the proper resolution edl/xml/aaf with resolution turned off in the match criteria.

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maybe we should just have a “Smug” conform option…gimme the biggest damn frame there is.

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This is months after and put here for posterity.

The way I solve this is soft import it all to the desktop and use the big desktop columns to sort out the rushes into different resolutions.