Connected Conform - Project Setup/Scope

Doing my first connected conform project, and ran into an issue I couldn’t find the answer to in the fxphd, LogikLive and user manual resources.

When creating the sources sequence it picks up all kinds of junk in there, and I can’t figure why. I can see from the right-click menu on undesired clips that it seems to see other sequences and XMLs in the project that are outside of the sequence reel I’m trying to work in. We had done some color and retouch tests in the beginning so there is some related but separate stuff in other sequence reels.

I knew you had to lock tracks to have connected conform ignore them, and I did that for all the other sequences, even in other sequence reels, and still it keeps picking up extraneous parts.

In the short term I worked around it by creating a fresh project that only had the final conforms in it. From the documentation I gathered that it should only work within the scope of the current sequence reel (i.e. moving something would break connection). But reality doesn’t bear this out so far. What setting am I missing to tell it only look in the current sequence reel, or only in currently open sequences?

This is on Flame 2024.

Not urgent, as I have a work-around. But would still like to understand it.

When you create the sources sequence or shot sequence, it looks at everything in the Reel Group - not just the current Sequence Reel. Any timelines or sources you don’t want to consider should be moved out of the Reel Group (if you are working on the desktop, your desktop is a Reel Group).

I’m not sure if the documentation is worded wrong but you only break the connections when something moves out of the Reel Group.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Ah, that makes sense.

I’ll check the documentation, and make sure I don’t mix reel group and sequence reel labels up.