Consolidating head and tail frames

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I heard that in order to avoid archiving a large number of unused frames, head and tails should be consolidated…

But why often some head and tails are nevertheless kept? In order to be able to slip?

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Yes, in case the edit changes.

Does that mean, if you consolidated them to 0, changes are not possible, because there are no hidden frames anymore ?

Correct. You could always unlink and relink back to the original footage to get them back, though.

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Fun fact. No need to relink if you want to get more handles back that you’ve already consolidated. You can ‘restore’ additional handles by first selecting the segment in the timeline in question, double tapping on the Format Options in FX Ribbon, then under Media Handling you’ll see if you have available handles to “recover.” Boom. Slide those rascals out and your handles automagically reappear.


So long as the path is the same as it was originally.

Bear in mind, just because you consolidate on the timeline doesn’t mean you’ve consolidated all your footage. If the same footage exists inside batches and in your library, it will still contain those handles.

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TIL! Cool!

With a bunch of shots relinking is probably quicker than going into the format options one at a time, but this is a great trick for a shot or two that needs more h/t.

Thanks to everyone for the help!