After Resize number of handles = 0


Imported a photo (a single Tiff) in MediaHub with a stillduration of 70 fps.
Once in the Timeline, a star is shown at the incoming- and at the outgoing side of segment.

Why after resizing and cropping the shot (in Tools/Resize) to Letterbox and removing black scanning artifacts at the edges, the number of tails/handles is 0/zero (at both sides of the segment)?

Thank you!

The tools menu is largely legacy effects that hard render new media. One of the side effects of this is most properties get destroyed in the process. If you put a timeline-timewarp on the clip it’ll get its ability to be stretched over time again.

Additionally you could use the timeline resize instead of the tools resize. Timeline effects don’t kill handles and other properties.

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Like Andy said!

Since your clip was longer than a single frame, the Resize tool created a 70 frames clip. if you want to have a virtual duration from a still, just use a single frame with the Resize tool and there you go.

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Thank’s. Never used the timeline resize. Interesting that it really does not kill handles and other properties :slight_smile:

But do you have an idea why “Destinations” is greyed out? This way I cannot “crop to Letterbox” and adjust the aspect ratio to 1.5 .

Resize in the timeline’s job is to take whatever res/aspect/bit depth the source image is and make it that of the sequence.

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Hmm not sure if i do understand… My idea was, that If a photo is actually just one frame, such as a single tiff, it should automatically load as a virtual frame.

Has this nothing to do with your advice (just use a single frame with the Resize tool and there you go.) ?

Thank you!

Since you have defined a 70 frame duration to your still when imported, Flame sees the clip as 70 frame long when used in the Resize tool. Just cut one frame of the clip and use this frame in Resize then you will be able to render a new virtual frame of the desired resolution.

Thank you! Did not find out how to do that :frowning: The only alternative that comes into my mind, is to import the shots with a still duration of 1 frm,then do the resize and crop to letterbox and re-import the resized shot with a still duration of 70 frm to a new reel. Is that a good approach?

My idea was always that a segment with infinite handles is a virtual segment. It seems that i was wrong…
But why the word “virtual”? Is a frame after beeing resized to the desired resolution not “physical”?

Thank’s for any clarification!

Importing the still without a fixed duration is the way to go. You can later visit the online help n how to edit a clip to reduced its duration but let’s walk before we run :wink:

Another way would be to set the Resize tool duration (i.e. the blue box located at the right of the time bar) to 1 and then the result will be virtual.

You are right for the virtual duration BUT the resulting clip generated by the Resize tool is no more virtual. You will see that the * displayed at both end of the clip will not show 0, meaning that the clip is no more virtual.

Let us know how things go!

If you are talking about still frames, and timeline workflow, that is not necessary. Just add a Timewarp soft effect to your segment, set it up to 0% and the segment will be back to a kind of “virtual” frame with infinite tails.

Good advice, thanks! Ok imported the stills with a still duration of 1 (was required to enter something:),

  • marked all segments and

  • command-left arrow and > (this is not the arrow key): for adding frames one by one

  • numpad and -/minus: for the case, fames (for shorter duration) should be removed

Is this a good approach?

If your intention is still to change the resolution of your content this is not the right thing to do since when content is in a sequence the resolution is locked. You have options:
-Resizing in MediaHub
*select your clip(s) inMediaHub
*change the Resolution widget from Same As Source to the resolution you want your clip to be resized to
*import the clips

-Resizing after importing:
*import the single frame
*go to Resize tool and set the Resolution to your liking.

  • You now have a clip of the resolution you want and since this is a single frame clip the duration is virtual.